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This years Lift-A-Thon will be held on July 20, 2023 @ 5pm.  The primary purpose of this program is see how our athletes have been putting in the work and to generate funds for the football program.  As most people are aware and we stress with our athletes Football in an expensive but life changing experience for our young men.  We strive to provide them the best equipment and training opportunities that we can.  Funds from this program go to support our yearly camp that the team attends as a whole and purchase additional equipment that the school is unable to provide.  The program we have today would not be where it is if not for the support our students, family, and community as a whole.

This year we will be accepting several methods students to raise the needed funds from their accomplishments.

1. Sponsor Pledge for an Athlete based on his goals (per pound or goal sponsor amount)

2. Direct pledge for that athlete

Payment Options

1.  Cash/Check (Make checks payable to Aviator Flight Club)
Please put the students name on the check so they get credit for your donation when sending it in with them

2. Credit/Debit Card Donation on website

Donations can be made in set amounts this way.  Again remember to put your sponsored athletes name in the field provided.  If you want a different amount just add additional donations to your cart.  This option was added as a way for family to easily donate to support our team.

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